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About Shri Trimbakeshwar Devsthan Trust

Trimbakeshwar town is an ancient Hindu Pilgrim centre located at the source of the Godavari River, the longest river in peninsular India. Trimbakeshwar is abode of one of the twelve Jyotirlingas. The sacred river Godavari originates from Bramhagiri hills .The extraordinary feature of the Jyotirlinga located here is the Linga in the temple is in the form of a three faced embodying Tridev, Lord Bramha, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva. The present Trimbakeshwar temple was constructed by third Peshwa Balaji Bajirao (1740-1760) on the site of an old temple. Sant Nivruttinath, elder brother of Sant Dnyaneshwar had taken Samadhi at Trimbakeshwar.

Sadhus of Shaiva sects baths at Trimbakeshwar. The Akhadas of all sadhus are in Trimbakeshwar. The Shashisnan(most sacred bath) in Sinhastha is performed at Kushavarta, Trimbakeshwar. A ceremony was performed and Kushavarta was given Tirtharaj dignity.

Shri Trimbakeshwar Sansthan takes care of daily three time pooja, all the festivals and gala carnivals of the year. Shrimant Nanasaheb Peshave has appointed Naro Damodar and arranged for all expenses throughout years. Even during the British rule this system continued. Now the Government has granted a nominal amount for the sansthan.

Persons appointed for these jobs are Three Pujaris for three times pooja (worship and offering religious rites), Two devotees for circumambulation of Bramhagiri Mountain, One Person for telling puran (sermon-narrating mythological stories), One Haridas for keertan (hymnody) and Aarati (singing prayers), One Pujari for religious rituals towards other deities, One doing religious rites to Ganga,Six Shagirds (attendents), Two cooks, Two clerks, One Kothala (storekeeper) and one his assistant, One accountant, Thirteen soldiers, Four Bhoees for palakhi (palanquin carriers.), One abdagiri carrier, One torch bearer, One boy to bring bel (leaves of bel tree), Chopdar (guard), Jangam (conch blower), Three Ghadyalji (Time keeper), One Golndaj, Two Nagaarji ( drummers), One Damami (big drummer), One Zanzi (cymbal player), Four Sanaiwale (shahanai players), Two Surkari, Two Karnekari, One Harkamya (odd job man), Two Mali (gardener), One Kamathin (laborer), One sweeper to clean road from Shri Trimbakeshwar Temple to Kushart tirth. Karbhari (Manager) was responsible for the work of all above mentioned employees.

Lavajama (retinue) of the deity contained....Palanquins..two numbers, One jewel studded thorn. (It was with king of Mysore earlier. Then it was taken to Delhi by the Mughals. Later, Bhausaheb Peshave brought it and offered it to the deity, A Chariot (It was offered to the deity by nobleman Shrimant Raghunathrao Vitthal Dani on Kartik vadya 7 Shake 1787.) Many invaluable ornaments including kalgi (crest), shirapech (plume), motyache chaukade (pearl check), motyacha kantha (pearl necklace). Chhatra(one number), chamar (two numbrs), chavarya (two numbers), morchele ((four numbers), abadagiri (two numbers), costly clothing and silverwares for pooja (worship) and naivedya (offerings).

Since the time of Shrimant Balaji Bajirao alias Nanasaheb Peshave, persons of Jogalekar clan have been looking after Trimbakeshwar Sansthan. Their names and years are

Sr. No. Name Years
1. Shri Naro Damodar Jogalekar 1752
2. Shri Madhav Hari Jogalekar 1752
3. Shri Visaji Tryambak Jogalekar 1801
4. Shri Damodar Govind Jogalekar 1823
5. Shri Kashinath Trimbak Jogalekar 1823
6. Shri Narayan Kashinath Jogalekar 1834 to 1898
7. Shri Madhavarao Narayan Jogalekar 1898 to 1959
8. Shri Hanumant Madhavrao Jogalekar 1959 to 1976

In the year 1954 the Sansthan was registered under public trust registration act. Shri Hanumant Narayan Jogalekar resigned from the inherited trusteeship and appointed Shri. Prabhakar Ramchandra Gokhale as trustee, who worked as a sole trustee till 1995. Shri. Prabhakar Ramchandra Gokhale from 1971 to 195 with Shri. Vishwasrao Trimbakrao Dharne was working as a sol trustee.

From the year 1995 board of trustees came in to existence. Hon. Judge appointed by District Judge works as the chairman and CEO of Trimbak municipality works as secretary of the board. Other members were citizens of the town Shri Ramratan Poonamchand Sarda, Shri Damodara Pundlik Adsare and Shri Muralidhar Punjaji Pawar.

As per the orders of the supreme court a 9 members Trustee Board was formed which consists of Hon. Judge appointed by District Judge as the chairman, CEO of Trimbak Municipality as secretary of the board and other members are representatives of Tungar trust, Purohit federation, worshippers and four members from the devotees appointed by the charity commissioner.

Careers of the chairmen of Board of the trustees

Sr. No. Name Years
1. Hon. Judge Shri A. B. Patil 1.4.1995 to 14.1.1996
2. Hon. Judge Shri V. V. Palnitkar 14.1.1996 to 20.7.1997
3. Hon. Judge Shri Anil D. Kulkarni 20.7.1997 to 5.6.2001
4. In charge Shri N. D. Burade 5.6.2001 to 8.9.2001
5. Hon. Judge Shri A. P. Kurhekar 8.9.2001 to 2.6.2003
6. In charge Shri N. D. Burade 2.6.2003 to 26.6.2003
7. Hon. Judge Shri S. N. Paithane 26.6.2003 to 8.9.2003
8. Hon. Judge Shri S. N. Pathak 8.9.2003 to 24.5. 2007
9. Hon. Judge Shri Ashutosh N Karmarkar 24.5.2007 to 2.6.2008
10. Hon. Judge Shri K.D.Boche 2.6.2008 to 20.6.2011
11. Hon. Judge Shri Anil N Khadse 20.6. 2011 to 9.6.2014
12. Hon. Judge Smt Neha U. Kapdi 3.6.2014 to 12.9.2014
13. Hon. Judge Shri V. A. Daulatabadkar 12.9.2014 to 20.9.2015
14. Hon. Judge Smt U. S. Joshi-Phalke 24.09.2015 to 29.3.2017
15. Hon. Judge Shri P. K. Chitnis 30.03.2017 to 31.8.2017
16. Hon. Judge Shri M. S. Bodhanakar 01.09.2017 to 30.04.2021