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rudraksh History Of Trimbakeshwar Mandir rudraksh


Shri Trimbakeshwar Temple is located at a distance of about 28 km from Nashik, Maharashtra near the mountain named Brahamagiri from which the river Godavari flows. It was constructed by third Peshwa Balaji Bajirao (1740-1760) on the site of an old temple. Trimbakeshwar Temple is a religious centre having one of the twelve Jyotirlingas . The city of Trimbakeshwar is located at the foot of Brahamagiri hill ,height of which is 3000 feet above sea level. Trimbakeshwar Temple is maintained by Trimbakeshwar Temple Trust. They have constructed Shivprasad Bhakta Niwas which is having 24 rooms (2 bedded, 3 bedded, 5 bedded), conference hall, lift, hot water facilities. Shri Nivruttinath was the elder brother of Saint Shri Dnyaneshwar.Shri Gahininath one of the nine Nath Gurus , accepted him as his disciple. Shri Saint Dnyaneshwar had accepted him as his Guru. Hence, also regarded as founder of Varkari Sampradaya. On his suggestion Saint Dnyaneshwar had written a commentary on Bhagvad Gita in Prakrut known as “Dnyaneshwari” so that it could be understood by common peoples. He had taken sanjivan Samadhi at the age of 24 years at Trimbakeshwar. Lakhs of Varkaris gathered at Trimbakeshwar on the occasion of yatra which is held on saint Nivruttinath punyatithi.

Constructed By Peshwa Balaji Bajirao

Year : 1740

The present Trimbakeshwar temple was constructed by third generation Peshwa Balaji Bajirao (1740-1760) on the site of an old temple. Sant Nivruttinath, elder brother of Sant Dnyaneshwar had taken Samadhi at Trimbakeshwar.


Year : 1742

In the year 1742 Marathe won it from Nizam. In 1818, it went to the British. Now it is under Government of India. Present condition of the fort :From the northern side 400 steps have been constructed to climb the fort from the donation by Shraman benevolent from Karachi, Lalchand Sheth.

Grand Opening

Year : 1756, 16TH FEBRUARY

On Friday, 16th February 1756, the day of pious Mahashivaraatri, the atmosphere of Shree Trimbakeshwar was echoed with melodious sound of sanai(shahanai) and chaughada (traditional drums), the traditional holy musical instruments accompanied by bheri, tutari (trumpet) and ranashing (clarion).

Sansthan Registration

Year : 1954

In the year 1954 the Sansthan was registered under public trust registration act. Shri Hanumant Narayan Jogalekar resigned from the inherited trusteeship and appointed Shri. Prabhakar Ramchandra Gokhale as trustee, who worked as a sole trustee till 1995.

Formation of Board of Trustees

Year : 1995

From the year 1995 board of trustees came in to existence. Hon. Judge appointed by District Judge works as the chairman and CEO of Trimbak municipality works as secretary of the board.