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Welcome to the Donation Darshan Counters for Trimbakraj Darshan in Trimbakeshwar! Devotees seeking expedited access to the divine experience of Darshan can now obtain De passes from three convenient locations.

1. In front of the North Gate (Uttar Mahadwar) of Trimbakeshwar Temple: One of our counters, strategically positioned in front of the North Gate of the Trimbakeshwar Temple, ensures easy access to get Donation darshan pass for pilgrims arriving at the temple for Trimbakraj Darshan.

2. Near Kushawart Chauk: Our second counter is near to Kushavart Chauk, and offers the opportunity to secure Donation darshan pass for Darshan, conveniently before heading to the temple.

3. Near Shivprasad Bhaktaniwas: Our third counter, located at XYZ location, provides an additional option for devotees to obtain Donation darshan passes for Darshan, ensuring accessibility from various parts of Trimbakeshwar.

Experience the privilege of seamless entry and unhindered darshan with our Donation darshan passes. Come and immerse yourself in the sacred essence of Trimbakraj Darshan and get the blessings of lord Shiva.

How to get Donation Darshan Passes for Darshan of Lord shiva in Trimbakeshwar?

1. Go to any one of the above mentioned counters (i.e. In front of the North Gate (Uttar Mahadwar) of Trimbakeshwar Temple / Kushavart Chauk / XYZ)

2. Show your ID proof (any one- Aadhar card/ PAN card/ Passport)

3. Give your biometric impression and face scan at the counter, under the guidance of the counter manager

4. Pay Rs 200/- per person (cash/online) to the counter (Note:-age groups below 10 years and above 65 years and Divyangjan are exempted from the charges)

5. Get your Barcode receipt from the counter

6. Then go to the entry gate of the Trimbakeshwar Temple

7. At the entry gate show your ID proof and verify yourself under the guidance of the entry gate manager.

8. After the verification you can go for Darshan