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Discover the seamless path to divine blessings with our Online Donation Darshan Pass for Trimbakraj Darshan at Trimbakeshwar. With just a few clicks, you can reserve your pass booking slot for an unhurried and profound experience amidst the spiritual aura of Trimbakraj. Let technology simplify your pilgrimage as you connect with the divine essence of Trimbakeshwar from anywhere in the world. Join us in elevating your spiritual journey with the ease and convenience of our Online Donation darshan pass.

Disclaimer :-

"Please note that the Online Donation darshan pass is non-refundable and non-cancelable after 30 min from the booking time. Additionally, it is non-transferable. ''

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You can add up to 4 persons
Note :
  • Please note that fields marked with (*) are mandatory.
  • Individuals aged below 10 years are exempted from donation darshan pass charges.
  • Devotees will have to carry ID proof and donation darshan QR passes with them to verify their identity while entering the Trimbakeshwar Temple. The entry Gate Manager will check your donation darshan passes after that devotees can go for Darshan
  • Donation Darshan Pass QR code will be generated under the name of main person.
  • Devotees can download the donation darshan pass from ‘Transaction History’ page
  • The donation darshan Pass will cost you Rs. 200 per person.
  • The donation darshan pass is non-transferable.
  • Cancellation requests will be entertained within a 30 min timeframe.
  • Please note that the "donation darshan pass booking slot" is solely for booking the pass. This does not include a darshan slot.